Second chance Monday

dilluns de repesca

Every Monday, except bank holidays, 12 of our screens are now giving a second chance to films which have been shown in recent months and which are no longer in our listings, at a reduced loyalty price for both 2D and 3D. With this new Monday programming we will recover little hidden gems, classic titles and play a little with the programming. Find the current loyalty price at: Prices and discounts.

The remainder of the 10 auditoria will be reserved for the premieres of the week and the most popular titles of the moment, with normal admission prices.

The cinemas sign up for Original Versions

Dimarts V.O.

Every Tuesday, except bank holidays, you'll have the opportunity to see all of our films in their original language version, and on top of that, five most popular films of the moment, which can be also be seen in the dubbed version..

Although this was conceived as being for a minority audience, it's already benefiting language and university students and companies – who are enjoying the modern facilities of the cinema with Catalonia's most advanced 3D technology, and at much lower prices for big groups..

Weekend matinées

Matinals de caps de setmana

Would you like to rediscover the cinema in the morning? Would you like to leave a movie and go to lunch instead of going out for dinner? Well, come to our matinées, with Catalonia's most complete children's programming and also the biggest hits of the moment.

Enjoy the cinemas with the best digital projection in existence. Come with your children and don't queue. And if you have the Loyalty Card you can enjoy the morning session at very reduced price. Find the price at: Prices and discounts.

And remember Monday through Thursday... loyalty days!!